Thursday, November 5, 2009

Balmaceda and Serrano Glacier

Yesterday was probably my favorite day of the trip thus far, I left my hotel around 7:30am to walk down to the peer. From there I boarded the boat that took the group to the glacier. It was about three hours to the glacier with two spots to stop and take a couple of pictures. In Patagonia it is pretty my three hours to everywhere.

The boat ended up arriving at 11:30am and docked up next to a boat that was in the fleet of the Chilean Armada. We got off the boat and made our way to the trail to hike to the glacier. The tour guide warned us that the 20 minute walk to the glacier may be dangerous because of the heavy snow fall and advised us to take the five minute walk to view the glacier. A 60 year old couple from Switzerland decide to do the 20 minute hike so a group from the UK and I decided to follow their lead.

The path was not that bad, it was covered in snow but it was just warm enough where your feet could keep grip in the snow. After the hike we ended up at the lookout point which was about 30 yards from the glacier. The view was amazing and the snow fall made it even better. We were also joined by the Chilean Marines, I guess they were doing some R&R. After about 20 minutes we made out way back to the boat.

On the ride back we were served drinks, we has the choice of Johnny Walker Red or Pisco Sour. I went with the pisco sour, it is one of Chile´s staple drinks. The pisco sour was served in a low ball glass with millenial ice (glacial ice). The drink was good, it compares to a margaritta but a little more sour because of the lemon juice.

After about two hours we made our way to Estancia Puerto Consuelo in the Fiordo Eberhard. There we were served barbecued lamb Patagonian style. It was an excellent meal.

After lunch we made our way back to the boat and went back towards the pier. From the pier I made my way to go check some emails and meet up with Matt for dinner.

The restaraunt we ate at was excellent, we decide to live dangerous and let the waiter pick our meal which was some kind of fish, scallops, squid and crab. We also had raw octopus for a starter which was fantastic.

On a travel note, I am actually staying in Puerto Natales for one more night, I had my travel agent move my room in Punta Arenas and rebooked my bus ticket. I was not really impressed in Punta Areanas so I am going to stay on more day here and spend about half a day in Punta Arenas. I them fly back to Santiago on Nov. 7.

I am off to wander.

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