Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perito Moreno & Chilean Seabass

I did not get a chance to post a blog last night because I did not get back for El Calafate until 11pm. It was one hell of a day to see one of Chile´s biggest glaciers.

The day started at 7am with the bus picking me up at the hotel. We then made the rounds through the city picking up other passengers and finally headed out of town when the bus was almost full. We made our way to a rest stop near Torres Del Paine. We got go out to use the banos (bathroom). From there we headed to the Argentina border to go through immigration and get my passport stamped.

Long story short was after several stops we made it to Perito Moreno after six hours of travel. Once we arrived in the park they let us get out at the first viewing point of the glacier. It was amazing, I snapped a couple of photos then we loaded back up to drop off the people on the bus that were taking the boat tour. I decide against the boat tour because I was more interested in walking around. Basically I was the only one not taking the tour so they dropped me off at the visitor center and I made my way towards the glacier. There were several viewing points which I stopped at the take in the amazing views and snap a lot of photos.

The walking path to the glacier was probably around two miles, every step was more amazing. I have a bunch of photos to post but I have been having troubles with my camera cord to export the pictures so most of them will have to wait.

One side note is that the Perito Moreno Glacier in the only glacier in Chile that is not decreasing in size, it has remained the same.....stick that in your pipe Al Gore.

After three hours at the park we loaded back up and made our way to El Calafate. In retrospect I wish I would have spent atleast one night there, the town was awesome. It was your typical mountain town with breathtaking views from every angle. I made my way into a couple of stores and picked up a shirt.

Once we headed back we had two stopping points, we checked out at the Argentina immigration and checked back into Chile. Finally after five hours I made it back to my hotel.

I was exhausted but figured I should get something to eat. After speaking broken Spanish to the lady at the front desk she pointed my in the right direction to food.

Once I made it to the restaurant I the lady brought me a menu....all in Spanish. I threw caution to the wind and ordered Seabass. Here is the thing with Chile, if you want to go on a diet do not visit this country. The Chilean restaurant´s layer their food, for example my plate contained Seabass on the bottom, cheese, peppers, onions and tomatoes on the top. The portions are also huge, probably enough for two people.

After dinner I made my way back to the hotel to crash for the night. One bonus was atleast I got to watch the World Series on ESPN, just in Spanish.

I am a day behind, on my blog so I need to post my adventure at Torres Del Painne which was today. I will see if I can catch up tomorrow.


johnmccarty said...

fOkay son of mine, are you doing this all on your own or with Matt? Just confused as usual.

Your Madre

Anonymous said...

Okay, are you doing this on your own or with Matt?

johnmccarty said...

Okay, are you doing this on your own or with Matt?

Matt said...

I just did the mochilero thing from the Zaahj station back to Casa Cecilia in the snow... I'll see you in the Plaza de Armas in another 3 hours and I can't wait to see your pictures from Torres del Paine and your boat trip today.

The Chilean immigration was a little crazy today because they were on strike for about 2 hours, so we waited...

pjm said...

Matt and I split up for a couple of days. I meet up with him today and then we go back to Punta Arenas and off to Santiago.