Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Torres Del Paine

Yesterday I left my hotel at 7:30 am when the van picked me up to go to Torres Del Paine. We made the first stop at Milodon Cave, which is the biggest cave in Chile. I was awesome, we walked in and took a some pictures and left after 30 minutes. If you are interested in learning what a Milodon is, Google it, if I post a link it will be in Spanish.

After the cave we made our way to Torres Del Paine Park, this is massive and makes Yosemite look small. Once in the park we went to Lake Pehoe, Lago Grey, a waterfall which I cannot remember the name of and viewed the horns of Torres Del Paine from several location. I will try to post some pictures, by words will not do it justice.

I had an excellent guide named Julian who spoke very good English so I could actually understand him. We most drove to several points and them got out to trek the park. The roads in Chile suck, there are only very few paved and the rest are stones. I say stones because the are about 10 times the size of gravel. It kind of reminds me of driving through a construction site. Needless to say the ride is not smooth, bumps, hills and valley´s.

The trip was a full 10 hour day, the weather was all over the place. We had winds from 10 to 30+ mph and the temperature flucuated from 30-45 degrees. That is the thing about Patagonia, if you do not like the weather just wait five minutes.

I am going to keep this one short since the pictures do it better justice and I have to go meet up with Matt in a couple of minutes. I will try to post today´s excursion tonight.

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