Saturday, October 31, 2009

Con Gas, Sin Gas

Ordering water has become an task in itself. Con and Sin is with or without, which translates to water with carbonation or without. Knowing Spanish would be a great help in this city since 99 percent do not speak English, but oh well I can get by.

Today was interesting, we witnessed a man chase down some guy who stole a necklace from a women, long story short the women was given the necklace back after the bum dropped the necklace on the street. This all happened near the place we visited this morning which I cannot remember the name, basically it was a tram ride up a mountain which is dedicated to St. Christopher. All in all it had some awesome views.

After going up to view St. Christopher we made our way to a market and did some shopping, I ended up picking up a few things to bring back to the States.

Tomorrow will be a lond day of travel. The taxi is meeting me at my hotel around 3:30am to catch a 6am flight to Punta Arenas and then meet my guide who will take me three hours north to Puerto Natales which is in the Patagonia region. It will be a long day.

I also switched hotels today, I had a free night at the Crowne Plaza which was sweet but not affordable if paying for it on your own. I moved to the Hotel Vegas with is about $50 per night and looks similar to a 1920´s New York pool hall. The room is small but the staff is excellent. I am planning on staying here again when I fly back to Santiago.

Thus far Santiago is one of my favorites cities I have visited in the world, the people are fantastic, the city is clean and the views are gorgeous.

I am off to get some sleep before the early morning wake up call. Goodnight.

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Matt said...

The place was called Cerro San Cristobal. You forgot to mention our glasses of vino tinto at Hotel Vegas and Cristal on the roof of the hostel overlooking the Plaza de Armas...

Hopefully I'll see you at Perito Moreno tomorrow. Get some sleep, Bocephus.