Tuesday, October 27, 2009

T Minus Two

The trip is just within reach, only two days until my departure.

So far everything with work has been smooth unlike last year. All hell broke loose the week of my trip, I never thought I was going to finish up everything but some how managed. I have managed to stay ahead of the game this year, it might be because I am now a year wiser.

Thus far I believe I have everything ready, although I was at the store last night and it seems that there is something I need to pickup but cannot think of what it could be. I am sure that whatever it is I will remember tomorrow night and have to run to the store. The only task left to accomplish is laundry and packing. For some reason it has always been in my nature to wait until the last minute to pack. There was a brief period of time that waiting until the last minute back-fired on me and I ended up forgetting my boxers on two business trips and ended up making a run to Target.

I have been watching the weather and Santiago looks like sunny and 78 as an average. However, Patagonia's forecast is not looking as good, 58 degrees for the high and 30-40% chance of rain everyday. Luckily when I was picking up some items for the trip at REI a rain suit was on my list. I actually sat there and contemplated not getting one but in hindsight it was the correct decision, well that and my rain cover for my backpack.

My planning is about complete the only thing left to figure out is where I will be staying in Santiago on Oct. 31. I have booked my first night at the Crowne Plaza which is free thanks to a summer promotion IC Hotels Group ran, stay two get one free. I may stay one additional night but the normal rate is $160. If I decided against staying an additional night I have a couple places scouted out.

I am going to retire for the night because I have a feeling tomorrow will be busy and I do not want to spend all day scrambling on Thursday so I am going to try to get to work a little earlier.

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Matt said...


You´re checking into the Crowne Plaza right behind me as I type this... Hopefully we´ll be in the Plaza de Armas soon, drinking some Chilean wine.