Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 1

From what I have discovered Chile is an excellent country. The people are very friendly if you speak Spanish. That is not my case, I speak very little Spanish. It is kind of interesting that a foreign country does not really care about the English language. Luckily my buddy Matt is semi fluent.

The first day has been awesome, we sat in a restuarant and drank a pitcher of Sangria which is wine and fruit. Plus I rolled the dice with the menu which was in Spanish and ended up ordering steak and eggs. Good call on my part.

The other highligt was viewing Jupiter and the four stars that surronded it as well as viewing moon were NASA crashed the satelite into the surface. I had the opportunity to view this at the Plaza de Armas which is the center of the city.....pretty sweet for four dollars.

Not much else happened today other than I think Faith No More´s crew is staying at my hotel.

I tried to post some pictures today but I had not luck, hopefully soon.

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