Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 Hours and Counting

Well the time is almost here to board and get the bird in the sky. I will be departing RDU at 8:15am for an 1 hour and 30 minute flight and after a short connection in Atlanta I will be off the Seoul. I have never been to Seoul so it will be one of the many firsts' that will take place.

Did I mention that this is only my second trip out of the U.S., my first trip was to Mexico, which my buddy from college Matt and I went deep sea fishing in Ensenada. There was no 23 hour flight, just 6 hours out to Ontario, CA and a four hour drive to Ensenada. We survived driving through Tijuana and an 8 hour fishing trip with a captain and deckhand that were drinking Tecate at 4am, and yes that is am. If I were a betting man, I would hedge that our captain had not been to bed that night, needless to say he went to take a cat nap at 2pm and let Joe, the Mexican deckhand navigate us back for a little while. So I should be fine in Thailand. As a side note, the picture on my profile is a Mexican street performer that rocked out a 6 song blistering set while we were eating on a sidewalk patio. There is nothing like the broken English version of "C'mon Baby Light my Fire" by the Doors.

There will be many more firsts' on the trip which I will document along the way.

So what I am looking to get out of the trip? Mainly perspective, I have the opportunity to see and learn about a culture that few have or will have the opportunity to experience. With that said I guess it will be a new chapter in this book called life and I am glad that you get to read it with me.

Well I am going to finish packing and attempt to get some sleep tonight. I will try to let everyone know when I arrive, I should be at the hotel around 11pm Thursday night, if not look for something Friday which will be Thursday in the states.

Keep it gangsta.


Matt said...


Hopefully you're on the plane heading to Atlanta right now, and not in your bed too sick to go.

Remember to hold on tight during your cab ride from the Bangkok airport into the city because we could never find seatbelts and they drive like a bat out of hell.

Gringa_Loca said...

I will agree with Matt - beware the crazy drivers. Also beware the lady boys. Those hot chicks? Some of them are dudes.

Expressions you can use to communicate:
Same, same.
No same, same.
Same, same - but different.

Have fun! Can't wait to read about your trip!