Monday, November 10, 2008

One Day Left

Well I am almost ready to leave. I have a few things to take care of at work tomorrow and then I will join the rat race for the evening commute. From there I have a couple of things to pick up and then begin packing to make sure I bring enough crap for 15 days.
Luckily, I overheard some mention that Veterans' Day is tomorrow, needless to say I hauled ass at 4pm to make it to the bank so I could get the cash for my trip. If I would not have been paying attention I would have had to make a lot of trips to the grocery store purchasing some small items so I could get cash back or one trip to the ATM to withdraw the max amount. The one bad deal with going to the bank is because of the time constraint I went to a bank that is closer to my work, needless to say that bank has screwed me more than once, mainly screwing up my deposits. I normally travel an additional 5 miles because that branch has been good to me and not screwed up my account.
Well it is time to crawl into bed, this lovely weather has taken a toll on my sinuses. Hopefully the congestion will go away before my trip, if not I have to start my doxycyclin tomorrow and maybe that will help knock it out.
In case your wondering what the weather will be like it is looking good so far. My concern so far will be Sunday when I have to make my 2 minute walk to Sor Vorapin because the road may be too small for the cab. Hopefully there will be a tuk tuk close by so I can hop in with the driver and take it off some sweet jumps.


Matt said...

12 hours almost to the minute until you take off... I'm guessing on the eve of your trip you're trying to tie up loose ends.

I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure so I hope you'll have time to get to some internet cafes. Remember, Angkor Wat rules. Oh yea, I take back all those times I said you needed to grow a pair; this trip takes balls.

Good luck and have fun, Bocephus!

McCarty said...

Hi Phil,
Looks like things are moving right along as you planned. What a beautiful country.
I hope you are getting enough rest as well. Know Dad & I are thinking of you everyday!

Mom & Dad