Friday, November 21, 2008

Training Day Two and Three

Well yesterday was semi unproductive, I decided to sleep in and take it easy. I had a grand idea to go to the pool for a little while and relax before I headed to train, but that fell through because I did not feel like laying in the sun.

I ended up going downstairs to talk to the concierge who I have had several conversations with, he basically fills me in on the hot spots of Bangkok and the sights to see. He recommended that I go to some club in the Patong District, he said it was basically a bunch of clubs in one building and in the same sentence he also recommended that I watch out for the "lady-boy." I will probably pass on that idea, there is no way I can drink and then train the next day. He also mentioned that I need to go see the river which I can see from my hotel but had not been there, so after he gave me directions and I headed out.

I made my way to the river and found out about the other form of transportation in Bangkok which is the boat. I looked at the prices and for an all day pass it is 150 baht, there are a bunch of stops so I may head out today.

After going to the river I made my way back towards the hotel so I could get something to eat. I have been eating at a place called Maria's, actually an Italian joint, but they have Thai food. I have discovered a dish they serve which is chicken and egg noodles, for some reason there is a flavor in the dish that is addicting. I have eaten the dish twice already and will probably stop there for lunch before heading out today.

After lunch I went back to the hotel to get my gear and head out to train for another grueling two hour session.

Mr. Why and I did about eight rounds of pad work working on punches, kicks, knees and elbows. After the pad work I worked the bag for two rounds until Pette grabbed me for some flow sparring. Talk about a little intimidation, flow sparring with a guy rank at Lumpinee. The sparring was very controlled and relaxed. He was smiling and talking in Thai the whole time, basically I think he was messing with me.

Near the end Mr. Why introduced me to the tire, basically you jump up and down while one foot goes forward and the other goes backwards in a scissors motion.

Finally I finished up with stretching and he increased my sit-ups to 150 and decided to come over and beat my stomach with a Thai pad for the last 20.

Today I decided to train in the morning to get it over with, basically the same story as usual, a lot of pad work and conditioning. Today he made me hold two pound weights and shadow box and then back outside to the tire with my weights. He also added in the clinch today, which I need a lot of work on and some leg sparring. I finished up with stretching and sit-ups.

One thing I found out is that Mr. Why has had 150 fights and from what I could make out he was a champion at Lumpinee. He also metioned that he wants me to have him come to the U.S. to teach a seminar, I am pretty sure that was what he was alluding to, his English is very limited.

Well I am off, have a good day.

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Matt said...

Teaching a seminar with very limited English. Sounds like most of the Physics TAs at UA.