Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still Closed

Here is the latest, the airport is still closed, however I am supposed to be on Korean Air flight number KE8654 at 1:30am on Friday, which will be Thanksgiving in the U.S., hopefully.

I mentioned that I talked with someone at Northwest (NWA), the main problem is that it was their office in Bangkok. The lady failed to mention that my flight was rescheduled, so hopefully if I ever make it to the airport I will have a seat on the flight. I found this out after emailing NWA.

I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they respond to emails. In one of my emails to NWA I asked them if they do not re-open the airport soon what are my alternative options, hence, what is the closest airport I can fly out of. Here is the response, "Phillip, I have e-mailed your itinerary to you. Unfortunately, we do not know when the civil unrest will subside at the airport," thanks for all your help Josh, way to think outside the box.

The latest information regarding the airport is that it may re-open tonight. Yesterday, General Anupong talked with Prime Minister Somchai and asked for a compromise, that entailed a new election to end the protest. Of course that was rejected by Somchai at the PAD still remains at the airport. Another issue is that General Anupong is refusing to get the military involved, for the simple reason that he does not want to appear to be taking sides.

I am not sure if I mentioned that there are still passengers at the airport, a total of around 5000 are stuck in Phuket and 800 in Samui airport. I would hate to speculate how many are stuck in the Bangkok Airport considering that Thai Airways alone serves 30,000 passengers daily through the airport. At least I am not at the airport.

The big issue is that I do not know when I will be leaving, so basically I have to sit around the hotel and wait to see what happens with the flights. If I knew a departure date I would at least go and train, unless that departure date was tomorrow morning.

Yesterday when I was going to get dinner I ran into a British couple I saw on the elevator when I was attempting to check out. They asked if I got my flight re-booked, which I said yes. It turns out that they were supposed to be on a flight going to Koi Samui. The man said it is funny how the people just took over the airport and said he would have liked see what would happen if they tried that at London Heathrow or better yet somewhere in the U.S.. I think we all know the answer.

If I do not get a flight out soon, I am going to look at alternatives on how to get out of Bangkok. Hopefully I will be home this weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Bethany said...

Not sure what time you wrote your latest entry, but I just read that a second airport has been closed. Good timing as always, Phil! Hope you get out of there soon and safely!!

Matt said...

This reminds me of a Christmas several years ago when you called my house and mentioned that you'd be missing your flight back to WI. Different circumstances, but once again you're stuck during a holiday.

Instead of turkey and watching the Detroit Lions, you can have some pad thai and ride around in a tuk-tuk. Take care of yourself and enjoy the extended vacation, Bocephus.