Friday, November 21, 2008

Take me to the River

After I got back from training I decided to check out another form of Thailand's transportation system, the water taxi. I am about 10 minutes away from the Sathorn Pier so I made my way on foot.

Once I got to the pier I purchased my ticket for 15 baht and jump on board. I did not have any particular destination so I was along for the ride. I mostly saw the sights of the river life and took a bunch of pictures.

After about a 45 minute trip we made it to the last stop so I got off to see where I was and walk around for a little while. I did not really do anything, just looked around and got back on the boat after by my return ticket for 19 baht.

The trip was very peaceful on the way back down the river, the sun was beginning to set and the temperature had dropped about five degrees. I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the sunset until we made it back to the pier.

The one bonus of taking the boat is that you do not have to deal with rush hour, however the sidewalks are loaded with people, but the nice thing is that the crowds continue to move in one direction.

Once I got back to the hotel I made my way to the lounge for some finger foods and a couple bottles of water. That is definitely a nice perk at this hotel.

As I was sitting there my back was in knots, which in not that different from any other day but it had gotten worse. So finally I got sick of dealing with it and made my way over to Silom Bodyworks, which is located about a block away from the hotel, as opposed to going two blocks up from my hotel to a place called Happy Massage. I was in need of getting my back fixed immediately.

I decided on the hour massage because the place was only open until 10pm and it was almost 8:45pm. They did a sport massage which is the whole body, I got talked into this by one of the ladies because she said I need the whole treatment to fix my back. So for 800 baht and an hours time my back was restored, not bad for about $20.

I think after training today I am going back for the 90 minute version sport massage.

Take it easy.


Matt said...

$20 massage in Bangkok, huh? Did you get my ping pong ball?

JR said...

Sure you did enjoy the massage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommie like Wingie!!!!!