Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't you Smell that Smell

Well day two was pretty mellow for the most part. I made my way out amongst the locals and noticed the smell that floats through the city. I am not sure exactly how to describe it, from what I can remember it is similar to the smell in New Orleans.
The recap of yesterday is pretty uneventful. I went walking around the Silom Road area which is where my hotel is located. I went into some sort of mall which was mostly art and jewelry shops. After that I continued my walk and looked to see what the local street vendors were selling, basically anything from food to clothes. During my walk I questioned my choice of shoes, which happened to be my flip-flops. The sidewalks are a sprained ankle waiting to happen, well at least where I was. The walk was more like a hike up in the mountains.
Along with the slogan of "The Land of Smiles" it should also include "and Salesmen." Just about every Tuk Tuk driver tried to lure me in for the 1 hour tour of Bankok. I decided just to walk, although there was guy that almost earned my business, I know right where he is at so maybe today.
After my adventure I made my way back to the hotel to get some lunch and relax. The jet lag is still kicking my ass. I had lunch in the lobby area of the hotel where they had a guy playing piano who was fantastic. At lunch I decided to taste one of the local brews which is Tiger Beer, it was pretty good.
After lunch I made my way up to the pool and relaxed for about a hour and then went up to my room to lay down.
I fell asleep at 7pm until about 11pm and then got up to take my contacts out and watched a little Cricket on TV and fell back asleep. I was up around 5am but did not get out of bed until 7am. I took a shower and made my way to breakfast which is always good.
I have to figure out today's agenda, I think it will mostly be sight seeing. I did find out that tonight there will be a Royal Ceremony for Princess Galyani Vadhana which will mark the end of the mourning period. It is going to be some event, they are having three stages in front of the Grand Palace which starts at 7pm and ends at 6am. It is going to be a variety of orchestras, "Nang Yai" shadow puppet plays/masked plays and another stage of puppetry.
Well I am off to breath that crisp air.


Matt said...

Three things you gotta do...

1. go to the all night Princess Party/Wake

2. check out the reclining Buddha

3. marvel at the emerald Buddha in all of it's 6" glory

Honorable mention: take a long boat trip around the canals

Gringa_Loca said...

Sawadee Ka!

Ok,a few more things you need to do:

Go to Lumpini and watch a fight or 2.

Go to Khe San Road - you may put off by the hippies - but try to take it in stride

Buy your sister a cool gift

Kyle Feltes said...
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