Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs

Here are just a couple of the signs you may encounter when strolling through Bangkok.

Here are a couple of pictures I thought came out well, maybe I need to quit my job and become a photographer?


Mom said...

Hey Phil,
Nice pictures......I wouldn't quit my day job yet. I think of you everyday and have enjoyed your blogs. Be safe.


Gringa_Loca said...

Can I quit my day job? Figured I'd ask since we're talking about it...

Glad you're having fun!

Next on your list should be to get a Thai massage.

Gringa_Loca said...

...meant to happy ending. :-)

JR said...

Hey I didnt know John was in Thialand fishing!!

Matt said...

I agree with the Thai massage thing... The pics look good too.

Have you been in a tuk tuk yet?