Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

It seems that in any part of the world you can hear the sweet melodies of Lynyrd Skynyrd in any local drinking establishment, I would have not guessed that I would have heard a Thai band jam out to Sweet Home in Bangkok.

Last night I decided to have a couple of drinks since I am not training today which works out because they are free from 6-8pm in the executive lounge. I usually go to the lounge every night for the free finger food and just to kick back and relax. Usually you will see the same people and I have gotten to know a couple of them.

I met this man named Frank who is from Bonn, Germany. He is an interesting character, he has been staying on and off at this hotel for many years on. He is here on business and from what I can tell he is a project manager that oversees the construction of manufacturing plants. We have had several interesting conversations.

During drinks in the lounge we ran into a man named John that Frank knew, he is from Australia and is here on business as well. He brought his wife, Jane and her friend Elanna for the trip. Last night was Jane's Birthday so we went downstairs after the lounge closed to have a couple of drinks at the Irish Pub.

From some reason all of the English speaking foreigners keep asking me what I thought about the election, as did Jane and Elanna. I am not one to usually talk politics but I give them the quick and dirty and leave it alone. I am on vacation and the last thing I want to do is get into a political debate. Frank also asked me about the election well as a guy from Israel who I met at the gym.

Not much happened yesterday other than going to the gym to train. Mr. Why decided to increase my sit-ups to 200 which is great seeing that I cannot feel my stomach. I only have about two more days of training left, I do not think I am going to train on Wednesday unless it is in the morning, but doubtful.

The trip is getting close to being over, like all good things it must end. I fly back to the States Thursday morning at 1am. This will be another long trip, I depart Bangkok and arrive in Seoul. From Seoul I go to Japan, then Detroit and finally Raleigh. I will be back at 3:30pm on Thanksgiving Day. The nice part is that I will have a couple of days to recoup until I join the real world.

For the next couple of days I am going to try to finish up seeing a couple more sights and pick up a couple of souvenirs, but that is about all on the agenda.


JR said...

Hopefully you told them the truth! that some people in this country are ignorant an elected the worst pres. in US history!!! Time will prove me right!

ALso to post scores for you looks like Wisconsin barely got by Cal Poly!!!!!!!!!!!!


John McCarty said...

Tell them it was a time for a change, 8 years of stupiidty was more than enough. I thought you were going to the beach, did you decide not to do that?

Be careful

Matt said...

I can't imagine going out of the country and hearing people talk favorably about America. I heard tons of people bad-mouthing the US and Bush everywhere I went while Bush was the president.

I'm happy that the US' stock is rising across the globe once again, and hopefully all the damage Bush caused can be erased eventually.

JR said...


Gringa_Loca said...

Oh, please, like we could do any worse than the bonehead that is still in office? I never voted for him, thus can sleep peacefully.

Your friend Matt, I like.

How can you betray your liberal Wisconsin roots? :-)

Have you had a Thai massage yet?