Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blog El Numero Uno

So you are probably wondering about the title? This title was coined by visitors to Thailand and later the slogan was popularized in travel guides which I felt would be appropriate since I will be departing for Bangkok on November 12.

So why Thailand? There are several reasons: the sweet exchange rate (34.9THB = 1USD), you can refer to Bangkok as "the kok," the national past time is Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tuk Tuks, tom yum soup, the Thai Massage and broken English.

In reality, I was thinking one day that I have not really been on a real vacation in probably the past 10 years so I figured I was overdue and started the planning process. I thought in the past my vacations consisted of long weekends or extending business trips and were usually incorporated with some event like a wedding. Inevitably the vacations that were more focused on R&R were usually interrupted by a phone call from work by some dumb ass that could not read an email saying that I would be out of the office on vacation. Anyways, this brought me to a decision, I would be leaving the U.S., traveling to a country where I would not get killed on the exchange rate because of the weak U.S. Dollar, finding a destination that I could afford for two weeks and finally finding a country where my network could not follow me even though I am with Sprint - you get the picture. Enter Thailand.

The basic planning process began, I got my passport, paid $70 to cash my airline miles for my flight, got some shots (typhoid and Hepatitis A &B), got a couple prescriptions (doxycycline and ciprofloxacin), bought a Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand, bought a sweet backpack (Osprey), got suckered into a pair of Merrell Chameleons because the guy at the Walking Store said "these are the same shoes Bear Grylls wears" and setup this sweet blog for you to share in my adventure.

In future posts I will get into the details of the trip along with the itinerary, I am still shooting from the hip. I just booked my hotel room last night and will be doing some better planning in the next couple of days.

So enjoy for now and keep looking for updates........fist pump!

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Matt said...

It is about damn time! Glad you finally made it onto the blogosphere and I look forward to reading about your adventures in Thailand.