Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PAD Update

I never thought that would be giving you updated coverage on PAD but here is the latest.

I mentioned previously that the PAD was at the airport last night, well today they have taken over one of the towers. So what this means is that my flight that was supposed to go out at 1am is now canceled and wait the story gets better. I just got off the phone with the airlines and they said that the earliest I can get out is December 6, hopefully that is not the case.

Here are the problems. First, the airlines can get me out of Bangkok to either Seoul or Tokyo, but all flights to the U.S. are currently full, thanks to our friends at PAD. Second, no one knows when the airport will re-open. Finally because I booked a reward ticket this process becomes an even bigger pain in the ass.

So my plan is to figure out how to get back home, hopefully before December 6. I have heard several guests at the hotel talking about driving to Phukett or taking a train to Chiang Mai to get a flight out. Another option one guest suggested is to get a car and drive to Malaysia and fly out from there. My current plan is to fly out of Bangkok.

Hopefully my next blog will be an update on how I re-booked my flight. Keep your fingers crossed.

Signing out,

Dan Rather


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, I think you just want to get out of coming back to work! :) Hope you are safe. Joye

Anonymous said...

So doesn't it just figure you'd be surrounded by 'knucklehead' protestors the one time you visit a 3rd world country? Well I hope it all gets resolved soon and that you make it back to the states before Christmas. :) Stay safe.


Matt said...

Sweet! You may have to finally leave Bangkok! I think you should take in Angkor Wat on your way to HCMC. Fly out of HCMC (Saigon)...

Like 10 days piddling around the city and finally the adventure begins on your last day. This is your kind of luck, huh? Take care!