Thursday, November 6, 2008

Less talkie-talkie more workie-workie.....

So, I am attempting to get everything squared away at work before I leave, but the vacation Gods are against me. The past couple weeks have been hectic, I am trying to get everything taken care of at work so the buck will not be passed too much while I am gone. My main goal is to wrap up any existing jobs and take care of anything crucial, which is an excellent concept if I could stop getting bombarded with phone calls and knock out my remaining jobs. If you are in sales you can probably relate to these statements. Vacations, all though needed, can be one big pain in the ass.

So back to the trip, I do not know if I mentioned that I will be making this trip by myself. This will make it an adventure in itself, I guess similar to the Amazing Race, minus the travelling companion and the prize at the end. A lot of people questioned why I am doing it by myself and I guess I do not have any real good answer, other than why not.

Many people have asked if I am excited about the trip and I would say maybe a little. It is a weird excitement, coupled with nervousness, followed by anticipation and accompanied by fear of the unknown. I think some of the feelings stem from not knowing what to expect other that what I have read in books or seen on TV or the Internet. It will be an eye-opening adventure to say the least and I am looking forward to what I will learn.

As I mentioned I should have the rest of the rough itinerary planned this weekend and the only other travel planned known is my return flight. My return flight will consist of four Thanksgivings in four different countries. I depart Bangkok at 1am on November 27, my connection in Seoul will take me to Tokyo, onto Detroit and finally arriving at RDU at 3pm Thanksgiving day. All though I will probably hedge that turkey will not be served on the flight, unless it is on the Tokyo to Detroit flight.

I guess this years Thanksgiving will be one to talk about for the years to come.

Here are some other camps I am thinking about training at:
Phuket Muay Thai
Tiger Muay Thai
Various Camps
Porparmuk if I go to Pattaya

Most of these camps would be sort visits, probably one training session, with the exception if I go to Phuket.

Well I am going to keep on keep'in on.

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