Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Half the Plan

So here is the deal, I am not positive what my itinerary will look like but here is what I currently know. I am departing Raleigh on November 12 at 8am and will connect in Atlanta, from there I have a 15 hour flight to Seoul which I will arrive on November 13 at 4pm. My final leg will be another 6 hours to Bangkok which I will get in at 9pm.

From the airport I am 20 miles from my hotel, which the hotel site says will take about 40 minutes by cab. I am staying at the Holiday Inn Silom until November 16. I decided to splurge and stay on the executive level for the bargain price of $119 a night. The price is a little steep but it includes breakfast everyday, unlimited soft drinks all day, 30 minutes of Internet in their business lounge a day and my favorite perk free booze from 6-8pm everyday (high five). I figure I am going to need a couple of days to relax so why not relax in style.

During my stay at the Holiday Inn I am going to do the tourist thing. My short list of things to do will include seeing the worlds largest reclining Buddha, Lumpini Stadium, Rajadamnern Stadium, Fairtex, maybe a couple of temples and possibly looking into some sort of group tour if the price is right. I did see a day tour to Pattaya which is about 60 minutes South of Bangkok located on the Gulf of Thailand, however I am not sure of the cost. I guess I will figure it out as I go.

On Sunday I am going to Sor Vorapin 2 to train for about a week. Part of the reason I am making this trip is for the Muay Thai training. I have been kickboxing for a couple of years now and I am taking it to the next level. The training in Thailand is very affordable and top notch, for my week in their top room with an air conditioned bungalow, two meals a day and training twice a day will cost around $225. I actually emailed the camp last night to check a couple of details, they do not train on Sundays so I had to make sure I will be able to get checked in on Sunday. They said there will be some there to assist me. The guy also gave me his cell phone number in case the cab driver gets lost which I hear happens more often than not. He also dropped another bit of information on me, he mentioned that the cab may not be able to get to the camp so I may get to enjoy a refreshing 2 minute walk. He also said if while walking I have problems finding the camp I can ask someone and they will know where it is located. I am guessing that the people near the camp speak English?????

So that basically gets me through one week. The second half is still up in the air. My current thought is to fly to Phuket and train and hang out at the Indian Ocean for the rest of my trip. I looked into a flight and it would be around $160 including taxes for a round trip. I would like to check out Krabi Island, but I still have not made any final decisions.

My plan this weekend is to tie up the final details which will include, buying travel health insurance, making copies of my passport, picking up bug spray, buying a new hat, doing laundry, starting the packing process and finally watching the Tide hopefully roll over LSU.

Until we meet again..........

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Matt said...

Just in case the locals near your training facility don't speak English, you may wanna brush up on your Thai. Just don't say "yet" or "yet meh" when they're helping you find the place...