Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was not too productive, I was not feeling up to par. I think it has to do with the doxycycline I am taking, in general antibiotics kick my ass for a couple of days. However, I think it was the first night where I slept almost the entire night. I have been going to bed relatively early because I am exhausted from the day, it is nice to be in bed by 11pm for a change.

Once I got moving and ate breakfast I caught a cab to check out a couple of camps I am thinking about training at, however I need to rethink that plan, they are nowhere near the city. Today I am going to try to find a couple that are closer. I know of a couple that are good camps and are in downtown.

After looking at the camps I made my way back to Lumpinee to check out some of the shops, when I was there Saturday the majority were closed. I ended up going into a place that made Thai shorts and picked up a couple of pairs. My next mission is to find some new boxing gloves, however I did ask the guy in the short shop where I could find some but I could not understand what he was saying so I headed back towards Lumpinee Park.

I stopped by the park to check out what was happening, apparently Sunday is aerobics day in the park. The walk ways were lined with rows of mostly Thai's, spaced out on the side walk were the instructors and they have a speaker system set up playing dance music. It was quite the spectacle, I probably sat there for 30 minutes just watching. The picture does not do it justice there were probably 60-80 people working out.

Another entertaining feature of Thailand is the rain, let me explain. As I mentioned when I arrived the cab drivers are on a mission to set a track record, this all goes out the window when it rains. I saw two cabs wreck within 5 minutes of each other, I guess they do not know how to steer out of a skid. I watched one driver slam into the curb and another rear-end another car which collected two others.
After the excitement I made my way back to the hotel and went to the lounge for a couple Singhas' and finger food that they put out from 6-8pm.
Have fun in the rat race this week.


Matt said...

The like picture of everyone working out in the park. Have you found a spot to train in Bangkok yet?

Anonymous said...

why didnt you do some exercise!! fat ass!!
anyways incase you didnt know Bammer won sat 32-7!!
have fun this week. try not to get beat!

Gringa_Loca said...

There's a Sor Vorapin right off of Khe San Road right in Bangkok that you can train at. It's totally ghetto, but the training is good. Lots of cats running around (including in the ring) There was a little tiny man I got to train with.