Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Grand Tour

I thought I had Tuesday planned when I got up, however that went out the window shortly after I ventured out. My plan was to go check out a couple of gyms to train at, go see Wat Po (reclining Buddha) and possibly train that afternoon. I accomplished one of the three, I did find a gym.

After looking at the gym I was about a mile from Lumpinee Stadium so I headed back in that direction, mainly because I am somewhat familiar with that area. When I came upon the stadium I noticed that all the shops were open, as opposed to the other times I was in the area. As I was walking towards the Twins shop a young boy approached me and asked me if I wanted to go inside the stadium and have a look around, I said yes. He was dressed in a red Twins Cornerman's Jacket so I figured this must be legit. I asked him if he fought and he said no that he was still training, I would guess he was about 12 years old.

As we were heading out of the stadium he asked me if I wanted to watch a fight and I told him that I was thinking about it at some point. When we were in the stadium he did make the recommendation that I should sit ringside, because you can take photos.

Before I left the stadium he told me that if I come I should plan on Friday because it is one of the better nights and then gave me a voucher. He told me his name was Pon and pointed to where he would be sitting the night of the fight, he said if I bring the voucher I would get 10% off, which would make the ticket 1800THB instead of 2000THB. I think I may try to plan on Friday to watch a fight.

Before I left the Stadium I went into the Twins and King shop to look around, I ended up picking up a couple of t-shirts after talking myself out of getting another pair of gloves. I have heard good things about the King Gloves, so maybe before I leave I will look into getting a pair.

After my tour I made my way to the Q House to get something to eat at Im Thai Noodle. After lunch I made my way back towards the hotel and stopped by a huge mall I had seen but have never been to. For those interested in shopping, Thailand is the place. I saw some jeans for under $20 and Nike Shoes that would be $90-$100 for around $60.

Well I am going to take a stab a Wat Po, have a good hump day.

ธฟา แฟพำ,


(take care,)
(Phil) - Just learned how to write in Thai on the keyboard.

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Matt said...

Already mingling with the locals. Hopefully Pon won't jump you in an alley outside the stadium on Friday and take your passport...

The blog is great and I'm enjoying your stories each day. Take care.