Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Rush Hour

Yesterday began with the normal routine, wake up, shower, eat breakfast and figure out what to do for the day. One place I wanted to see is Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, that and Lumpinee are the two major stadiums in Bangkok, basically the two meccas for Muay Thai.
I got a cab over to the stadium and realized that it was right across from the Grand Palace, which was where I was at for the princesses procession. I went inside the gate to see the store, I tried to catch a glimpse inside the stadium but I had no such luck. I went into the store to look around at the gear, I ended up picking up a new pair of Raja Boxing Gloves, wraps and a t-shirt. I was in dire need of a new pair of boxing gloves because the Velcro has been shot on my Windy's for about 6 months. I paid under $40 for the gloves which is good considering for decent gloves in the U.S. you will pay in the range of $60-$110.
After shopping I started walking around to see the sights. I have not quite figured out where the Grand Palace is, but there are a couple of suspect locations. I have noticed that in Thailand there will be a handful of signs in English, mainly for local attractions, however sometimes when you follow them they take you nowhere or the site is miles away.

After taking a bunch of pictures I stumbled upon the Marble Temple. That is usually the way my days work out, I plan to see one sight and then explore what else is in the area. I went to the admission gate to pay to get in which I think was 10THB, basically a quarter.
The area where the Temple is located is surrounded by wrought iron fencing and it also has housing for the monks. I will post some pictures of it later, it is hard to describe.

I went in the Temple and the main feature was a 15-20' golden Buddha. The Temple was designed with ornate architecture. The area outside the Temple was like a small park with a river dividing the center.
After the Temple I made my way to see the King's Palace, which was a huge compound and surrounded by a moat. If I had to guess I would say the compound is probably 2 square miles. I did not really get to catch a glimpse of anything because the area on the other side of the fence was overgrown with trees, however I did get to see the guards on the other side of the moat standing with what appeared to be an M-16.
After trying to catch a glimpse of the Palace I stumbled upon the Dusit Zoo and figured why not take a look. The admission was a little steep, 100THB, just under $3, but I decided to splurge. I cannot say I have been to an actual Zoo in the past 12-15 years. The Zoo was very enjoyable and after about an hour I started making my way back to catch a cab.
I left the Zoo around 4pm, needless to say I did not make it back to the hotel until 6:30pm, traffic was grid-locked throughout the city. I ended up paying the cab driver when I was about 5 blocks from my hotel and got out and walked the rest of the way. I have been in some major cities during rush hour but I do not know if I have ever seen traffic like that before.
Well, I am off to plan today, by the way the weather here has been in 80-90's during the day.


Jeff said...

Seen any chicks yet? any americans?
do you know how to put the gloves on and use them!!

Matt said...

What in the hell is that animal, a tapir?